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    Why choose a fleet and vehicle management system?


    The company is distinguished by its rapid response when communicating with customers, whether it is providing them with the necessary information or solving any problem they may face

    High satisfaction rate

    The high customer satisfaction rate on the company’s services indicates the quality of the service we provide and customer satisfaction with it

    Increase productivity

    Eliminates paperwork and simplifies processes for fleet management and maintenance teams, saving them up to 7 hours per week

    Fast technical support

    Continuous technical service for you, since you are our clients in Final Solutions. The system is implemented by engineers specialized in software, experts in implementing administrative and accounting processes.

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    Application features

    Complete management of vehicle data (fuel history – tires – expenses – accidents and breakdowns – Odoo. Reading – engine hours – files)                                                      


    Manage fuel consumption for each vehicle from cards or tanks                                                                             


    Support for the User Privileges feature that grants the user system specific features and can customize the features the user sees depending on the access level    


    The system sends a reminder to the user of any expiration date or upcoming date


    Recording employee data with any employee transaction with the vehicle (shifts – accidents – deliveries – work orders)        


    Save and track company inventory orders and delivery procedures


    Save car master services and add a reminder before the next time, such as (oil change)


    The user can export reports with any criteria (vehicles – employees – suppliers)          



    Choose your industry and streamline your business workflow


    Don’t worry, we are here to help you

    Medicines and medical services

    Energy and fuel transportation


    Flowers and plant pots

    Delivery of beauty services

    Moving furniture

    Home delivery of orders

    Design and construction

    Cleaning services

    Cars and transportation


    Emergency services

    System features

    Manage data of unlimited numbers of vehicles, employees, orders, items and system users

    The system performs data analysis and reporting with the option to export and save in PNG format

    The fleet and vehicle management system supports languages ​​(Arabic and English)        

    Easy to connect to the AVL system and download data from it                              

    The system helps in updating upcoming, expired service, driving license, driver and vehicle notes

    The system sends registration messages for any expiration date or upcoming appointment

    The system (which is a web application) supports Google Chrome or Firefox                   

    View each vehicle’s expenses before it leaves                                                     

    Structure of the fleet and vehicle management system



    Vehicles of all kinds         


    System       ( AVL)                     


    Fleet system                      


    Logistics system                  

    System benefits

    Improving productivity and enhancing the safety of vehicle drivers

    Reduce operating cost and vehicle management efforts                                      

    Easily develop, reduce and add new services                                                             

    Allowing your team to focus on the core business of the company                     

    Ready-made solutions for your customized business      

    Plan your route and assign tasks better                                                                       

    A professional team to support you with solutions and development of settings

    Reduce labor and gas costs                                                                                                    

    Comply with the laws specific to your field of work                                           

    Vehicle maintenance management                                                                           

    Identify and track fleet vehicles                                                                                    

    Improving driver behavior and safety                                                                        

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